Sunday, October 14, 2007

New York Junior League's Homecoming!

Provisional Group Five! (And Friends!)

Provisional Group Five (and friends!) danced and carried on on Friday night with 500 of our nearest dearest at the New York Junior League.

The whole set can be found here.

Before any event, you have to pre-bar.

Shiny, happy people with fierce blow-outs.

Julie Anne and Susan
Julie Ann and Susan

I was standing in the middle of the party when Carey ran up to me. She's also native to Norwalk, CT, like me. You may remember her from The Dirty 30 Weekend. She's a Provisional this fall as well.
Carey Will Cut You With Her Cheekbones

Meg et Moi Make Love to the Camera
Meg et Moi

Oh yes, there was champagne

Crowd shot
Crowd Shot

Dancing makes everyone happy!

At any event, be sure to befriend the photographer.

Party Girl
Great Shot of Julie Anne

Showing her Junior League Spirit

I envy people who still look good at the end of the night.

Me, not so much.