Saturday, October 27, 2007

La Pauline: Nightlife Photographer

Greatest Costumes Ever

A few days ago I saw a posting on Craigslist to take photos at some clubs here in NYC for AC Pass, a nightlife promoter. Given that I got a slick new Olympus SLR for my birthday (thanks Pop!) I figured I would earn some dough with it. It's the American way. Plus, taking photos is my bag, baby, so I also had a lot of fun.

I took over 200 shots for the promoter, but some of my favorites can be found here.

I headed over to the China Club around midnight, and immediately realized that Halloween in New York last for at least before October 31st. That said, there were some awesome costumes in the club, which made my job all the more interesting.

There were ghosts ans assorted goblins.

Storm troopers and members of the clergy.
I Think This Needs to be My Christmas Card

Gladiators and Catholic school girls got along famously
Who Says Gladiators and Catholic School Girls Can't Get Along?

These gals made sure no one got out of line

The other photog at the event
The Other Photog at the Party

Everyone was really friendly

He left me for a go-go dancer, though.

The Wall of Fame at the China Club
Wall of Fame

Soon I had to head over to Myst, where there weren't as many costumes but everyone was looking pretty sharp.

Stylin', Profilin'
Stylin', Profilin'

Lovin' the camera


A Happy Clubgoer, 3:00 a.m.
Happy Party Goer