Saturday, October 06, 2007

La Pauline Marries Off Another Couple -- In Coney Island!

Another Satisfied Customer

Last Monday I got an e-mail from a woman named Ivette who asked if my wedding officiant skills would be available on Friday night. She was getting married, and needed to make it all legal. I agreed, and was told to meet her by the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, because she wanted a sunset wedding.

It seemed simple enough, and then as the Q train pulled towards Brighton Beach, I noticed a weird fog rolling in off the ocean. It was so thick that it was blocking out entire buildings. I worried that not only would Irene's sunset wedding be ruined, but where would we have the ceremony should it start to pour? Inside Nathan's Hot Dogs?

Speaking of, here is Nathan's covered in fog.
This Was Taken at 6:00 p.m.

Oddly, as I stepped onto the Boardwalk, there was another wedding taking pictures. These were not my people.
Not  My Wedding

I snapped a few pictures while looking for Ivette and her family and friends.
Shoot the Freak!

There was so much fog you could barely see the Cyclone

Foggy Wonder Wheel
Foggy Boardwalk

Finally, I found the lovely Ivette.
The Gorgeous Bride

And her fiance, Guy.
Very Happy Couple

Everyone came down onto the beach...

Pretty Pier

...and by some miracle the fog lifted, and the sun came through!

Afterwards we all had some champagne, I made sure the marriage license was signed by all the appropriate people, and I headed home.
The Boardwalk at Sundown

Before getting on the subway, I decided that since I was in Coney Island, I had to have a Nathan's Hotdog.
After-Wedding Meal at Nathan's

And take photos with the staff.
A Nathan's Employee And I

The best part was seeing that a lot of the family from the wedding was also getting their post-ceremony hotdog on. Here's one of the uncles. (Sorry, I forgot your name!)
A Cool Uncle

All in all, it was a great night and a wonderful idea for a wedding. Congrats, again, Ivette and Guy!
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