Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Melissa's Shower and Bachelorette!

Melissa et Moi

Back in 1998, I landed an internship at Elle magazine in New York City. I didn't know what to expect, but over the next few weeks I shared an intern desk with a gal named Melissa, who also went to Syracuse with me.

Melissa and I stayed friends through the remainder of the undergraduate experience and beyond. Melissa is getting married in October, and so a shower and bachelorette party was in order.

My whole set can be found here.

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Our story begins off the 7 train, in Sunnyside, Queens.
Welcome to Sunnyside, Queens!

I stopped in a photo shop on the way over to pick up a new memory card, and the cute man who ran the shop spent 20 minutes showing me how to work my camera. I already knew how, but I felt rude interuppting him.
In The Photo Shop Pre-Shower

I don't know much about Queens, but there were some pretty fancy looking buildings.
Grand Entrance on 46th Avenue

Trees, apparently, grow in Queens.
Trees Grow in Queens

Here is our blushing bride, ready to be showered with gifts and mimosas.
The Bride

She got lots of cool stuff, everything from tongs to thongs, as well as this apron.
Melissa and Her New Apron

Here is the official, red velvet, bridal shower cake, made from scratch! Good job, Kristin!

It was already a pretty girly day, but a few hours and a change of clothes later, we all met back up at the Dashing Diva on 8th Street for the second part of the day -- the bachelorette party.

Nothing beats pedicures and Bartles y James!
Pedicures and Bartles y James!

Moi, Avec Bartles y James
With Bartles y James

Steph and Kristin Glam It Up
Kristin and Steph

This is Christy, a latecomer that evening but nonetheless welcome.

We had an hour to kill between the salon and dinner, so we set up camp at a little coffee shop. There, I found a geography book from the 1980s, which I actually have back in CT, which referred to Russia and its satellite countries as the U.S.S.R.
I Found a Book That Still Referred to Russia as the USSR

Dinner was at Agave in the West Village. It's a fancy Mexican joint with obscenely good sangria.

Cheers, everyone!

Here is my fierce manicure. The color is called "Hot Tamale," which was very appropo considering the restaurant.
Arty Nail Shot

I'm not really a foodie (I survive mostly on coffee and Power Bars) but this chicken salad I had for dinner was worth remembering.
The Chicken Salad

The Ladies

Melissa and Sue, who came in from Boston.
Melissa and Sue

One last shot with the bride before I see her in October in her full regalia.
Last Shot With the Bride