Sunday, July 08, 2007

Graduation Parties...Le Sigh...

Yesterday afternoon found me at a graduation party for the daughter of one of my mom's friends from the 1970s. Graduation parties have a unique way of reminding you of your age. Put it this way:

I remember when the graduation girl (one half of a pair of twins) was in utero and her mom came over to tell my mom she was pregnant.

I personally stuffed the gift card with cash.

I was overtly referred to as a "grown up."

I graduated college long before MySpace, Facebook or i-anything (pods, phones, tunes, etc.) I thought it was cool when I could get my grades over the phone.

The college kids didn't ask me to join them in their beer bong games.

I handed out business cards to the graduates and told them to call me for lunch if they are ever in NYC.