Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Few Observations

Bodega Cat on 8th Street

1. Running through Grand Central station is always a bad idea, especially if you are a finance guy in a suit. No one will feel sorry for you when you trip and fall on your face. I'm sure there's another train to Scarsdale in 20 minutes. What's the rush?

2. If you bring a small child on the Metro-North on a Friday afternoon during rush hour, do not give said child a beeping video game. That way, other riders won't have to get up and ask you to turn it off. Don't make me look like a Grinch.

3. Please don't ask a party host why their Evite guest list has been kept private. In the days before Evites people came to party based on whether or not they were free that day, not because of who had already RSVP'd.

4. When buying real estate, please stop telling your friends that you were "priced out" of that Classic 6 you wanted. Face it, you just didn't have enough cash.

Hugs and kisses,