Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mirrorball Roof Party

The Roof

Shortly after the Dirty 30 weekend Jill mentioned that her company, Mirrorball Group, was having a big rooftop party. All we knew about Mirrorball was that Jill worked there and they did beer and liquor promotions. Since we are all fans of free booze, we RSVP'd quickly.

Mirrorball has this amazing loft-esque office and a sick roof deck. Not only do they have picnic tables and chaise lounges, but they're growing tomatoes up there as well.

What Kinds of An Office Has Tomatoes Growing on the Roof?

Some of the ladies came out for the evening, such as Jen, who was camera ready after filming something for VH1:
Jen is Camera-Ready

Erin and I
Erin et Moi

Here's Jill. Thanks for the food and drink!

I totally forgot this guy's name, but he has an awesome face.
He Had a Great Face

The last office party I went to had bad Pinot Grigio and cheese cubes. Mirrorball hired a DJ. Rad.
The DJ

Does your office burn candles? I think not.
Does Your Office Have Candles?