Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It Rains, And So I Write

It's a pretty crummy day outside and I have holed up inside Le Doug's house in CT. I have writing to do

Here are some things for you to read and enjoy:

The interview with Keith Richards from NME magazine in which he admits to snorting the ashes of his dead father. There are a lot of other brilliant gems in there as well. A must-read.

There seems to be some discrepency about what is really in Jamba Juice's non-dairy blend. It seems there might actually be dairy in it. The jury is still out.

I'm not one for self-help articles, especially if they look took girly or are surrounded by photos of Anne Geddes-esque babies. I am, however, all for dealing with the congnitive dissonance that the writing life inevitably brings. That said, here's a link about setting realistic goals and achieving them. It's short, so you can get back to whatever you were doing. Nothing worse than someone who reads about writing but doesn't actually do any writing.

P.S. I totally stole this photo from Ned, who is also a writer but clearly more prolific than myself.