Sunday, April 01, 2007

La Pauline: Runner/Party Girl

Pre-Party: Lookin' Sharp

It's been a good weekend. Last night had me lookin' sharp for a party out in Park Slope, which is much farther than I usually will trek for cocktails. For the right writer, though, I will brave the Grand Army Plaza subway station. Erin C. and I realized that there aren't a lot of bars in that stretch of the 'Slope. That must be remedied toute suite, especially when we are jonesing for some pre-party margueritas.

The big news is that I completed my first 10K this morning in Central Park. It was a little rough, mostly because the back end of the park is one nasty hill after another. I am happy to report that I ran the whole thing and finished 6.2 miles in literally one hour flat. That was my goal and I made it and so I am a very happy camper right now. Sure, my hamstrings feel like they could dislodge at any moment, but it's nothing a little Advil and some yoga can't fix.

Here I am, minutes before the race. No make up, no filler. Except Gatorade.
What Evil Will Those Hills Bring?

Here I am post-race, thrilled to have finished in one hour. It was also 43 degrees outside so I was looking for a subway. Stat.
Post Run, Sweaty

Next stop: a half-marathon.

In case you don't already read The Debuatante Ball, they gave me a shout out today. It's a blog about debut fiction for 2007. Good stuff all around.