Monday, February 05, 2007

Cold Monday

The Eternal Question: Jenga or Beer?

Despite the cold this weekend I still managed to get into NYC and fete Erin C's birthday. Lots of other folks braved the cold and I have all the shots here.

Today's notable achievement was that I drove on a highway, okay, the Merritt Parkway, for the first time in seven years. It seems that I am better at merging than I thought I was. Next stop: The rush hour.

There was a great piece in the New York Times this weekend about Greenwich's moral conundrum over whether to put stoplights on the venerable Greenwich Avenue or keep the white-gloved policemen that have directed traffic for decades. I vote for the policemen. The best part about the article was that I learned that a Woolworth's used be located where the Saks Fifth Avenue is today. My mom remembers going to it. A Woolworth's? On the Greenwich Avenue? Who knew? Sadly, the piece is on TimecSelect (of course) and you have to pay to read it. Meh.

The formatting seems to be working today. A-Plus.