Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Snow in April...and Everything's Fine

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I almost didn't make it into work today. I'm not sick. Instead, I foolishly started reading the Da Vinci Code. Speak whatever ill you want of the book. Who cares if suburban housewives everywhere are reading it? (That's the same demographic made James Frey's A Million Little Pieces a best-seller.) It's a thriller and you can actually learn about mathematics and art and Paris in it, at least surfacely. I got through about 80 pages this morning and afternoon alone, mostly while waiting for the doc to see me.

Oh yeah, the doc. Like I said, even though I got to his office at 9:30 AM, I sat wrapped in an examination gown for over an hour. Lucky for me, I had the adventures of Robert Langdon to keep me company. As for my illness, the doc took some blood to make sure that I was up to snuff and put me on a bit of a diet. Not to lose weight, but to keep my insides happy. For a while I can't have any dairy, citrus, tomatoes, fried or greasy foods. Boiled eggs, chicken and Gatorade seem to be all right. I also got chided twice, by both the doc and the nurse, about drinking coffee. I tried to explain that I'm a writer. I don't smoke or do drugs. I'm in a functioning, monogamous relationship with The Greatest Man Ever Created. I have no vices, not even hummus anymore, because that's what I was eating before I started to barf on Thursday night and so now it is tainted. Aren't I allowed a little java?

Then I went home and read the Da Vinci Code until I had to walk to work.

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