Monday, April 17, 2006

Everything I Think I Need Always Comes With Batteries...

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I'm not much of a gadget girl. I keep daily appointments in a paper planner and my laptop runs on Windows 98. I only get a new cell phone when they come free with a plan, which means that since 2001, I've had two.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when on Saturday my phone literally fell apart after I used while walking across 25th Street. I held it in my hand and parts just started to fall off it. I stopped into a little cingulat store and they ordered a Do Not Resucitate on the phone. I had to buy a new one.

I was bummed, but there was good news. at least my brother Andrew was giving my his old digital camera. He's a guy so, he likes new things like cameras. I could have his old point and shoot. In fact, while I was there, did I want one of his extra iPods? He has a Nano now.

I did want an iPod, but my laptop, also a hand-me-down from another generous relative, only ran Windows 98. I had to pass...for now.

So I had the camera and I just needed to get out to CT to see Doug. Once there, I had to go into a mall, of all places, on the most beautiful day of the year and plunk down $120 (?!?!) for a new cell phone. Weren't phones always free? The worst part is that it's a crappy phone. No polyphonic ringtones or anything! But they saved all my numbers so I guess The Simpsons theme song was a small price to pay.

So I finally had a phone and a semi-new digicam. On Sunday I chased an orange tabby around Doug's yard in an effort to capture him on film. Lest ye forget: Cats are hard to photograph.

Photos and more to come in a few days.