Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Norwalk Oyster Festival!

Knowing what we knew about how oysters are cleaned, Doug opted for stuffed baked clams.

Sometimes people laugh when I tell them that Norwalk, CT, my hometown, has an annual Oyster Festival. If they had ever actually been to one, they would know how much fun they are, between the arts and craft tents (real fudge, kids!), the rides (Ferris Wheel!) and the live entertainment (Bo Bice, baby!)

Sure, there are strange parts, like how you can't really drive to "The Oy" even though it's in the middle of town. Instead, you park at a school and take a yellow shuttle bus down there. It's $10 jsut to get in, and then you have to pay for all your beer and wine and food.

Doug and I went out on Saturday afternoon. Good times were had.

This is the Norwalk Harbor. Pretty, isn't it?
Norwalk Harbor Closer

Sure, maybe Stew Leonard was convicted of tax fraud. But he still has one heck of a grocery store.
Norwalk's Finest -- Stew Leonard's

Doug and I dug the tent of Minis.
Doug Loves Minis

Minis are small, and perfect for people who don't try to drive with a glass of wine in their hand.
They seem to be the perfect size for me. Too bad I can barely drive.

Speaking of Oysters, here are a bunch being cleaned in a filthy trough with a shovel and hose. Mmmmm...
Cleaning Oysters -- With a Hose and Filthy Shovel.

It was soon time for the ferries wheel
The Ferris Wheel

These little kids wondered if they were big enough to get on. They were.
Are we tall enough?

Finally, Doug and I were off.
Going Up

Hello, Norwalk!!

After, Le Doug cooled off in the Burt's Bee tent. I got my photo taken for the website. That'll be up later in the week.
Doug Cools Off In the Burt's Bees Tent